BOMA 2012
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Education Sessions by Day


9:15–10:30 am


Energy Leadership: Defining Our Role

Room 604

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Eric Duchon, Manager, Sustainability Strategies, Cushman & Wakefield, New York, NY

Melissa Jones, Project Manager, Sustainability Programs, CBRE, Kansas City, MO

Carlos Santamaria, Vice President-Engineering Services, Glenborough, LLC, San Mateo, CA

Frank Teng, Energy & Sustainability Program Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle, San Jose, CA

·         Hear various perspectives, visions, and ambitions for energy leadership in the industry.

·         Get a preview into what these key leaders are working on, their impact to our industry and their take on positive and negative trends in energy and sustainability.

·         Gather insight into how these leaders have prepared for their current day-to-day responsibilities and what strategic plan they have in place for creating industry-wide change.


12 for 2012: 12 Positive Impacts for Your 2012 Bottom Line

Presented by BOMI International

Room 607

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

David Hewett, Chairman, davidwhewett, inc., Hillsboro, OR

·         Gather 12 sustainable tips to make a positive impact on your 2012 budget, culled by resources from the Sustain Smart Series, that can be put into place immediately.

·         Understand how sustainability can result in cost savings for your organization and learn how to plan

and budget for sustainable initiatives.

·         Whether you are establishing an energy baseline, planning a small-scale sustainable project, or in the middle of a major greening initiative, get key concepts that get results from your department and showcase the economic and environmental benefits of going greener to senior management, stakeholders and building occupants.



Lessons from the Kilowatt Crackdown: Best Practices for Building Operators

Room 609

[Track:  Engineering Better Bottom Lines]

Clarence Clipper, Chief Engineer, Unico Properties, Seattle, WA

Jack Davis, Senior Consultant, JDM Associates, Portland, OR

Jeff Kasowski, Director of Engineering, Wright Runstad & Company, Seattle, WA

Brad Weaver, Owner, NW Energy Consulting, Kirkland, WA

         Understand how day-to-day building operations can be enhanced to reduce utility expenses and operating costs.

         Review specific building operating strategies and techniques best suited to saving energy, extending equipment life, and meeting tenant needs.

         Explore how to leverage energy management systems, benchmarking with ENERGY STAR, and energy audits to diagnose and identify energy efficiency strategies.


Excellence through Innovation: Key Lessons from the Green Sigma Coalition

Room 603

[Track: Operation: Innovation]

Jim Crosskey, Manager, Smarter Buildings and Physical Infrastructure Solutions, IBM, Somers, NY

Emma Stewart, Ph. D., Senior Manager of Sustainability Solutions, Autodesk, San Francisco, CA

David Davidson, Business Development & Strategic Alliances Manager, Eaton Energy Solutions, Columbia, SC

Melissa O'Mara, VP High Performance Green Building Solutions, Schneider Electric, Tully, NY

Joe O’Connor, Senior Executive Director, Cisco, New York, NY

·         Engage in conversation with members of the IBM Green Sigma Coalition as they address the next stage in the evolution of smarter buildings in the context of their collaborative experiences.

·     Learn about the core concept of this coalition – to develop best practices that allow facilities to operate at a higher level and return the value on the investments in green initiatives.

·         Panelists will discuss how they are enabling leading edge practices in building energy, space, and operations to meet key sustainability challenges they have faced. And most importantly, the importance of IT and facilities operations teams working together to improve outcomes and help society at large.


10:45 am–Noon


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Room 604

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Charlie Dismore, Training and Marketing Director, Capstone Real Estate Services, Austin, TX

·         Think the most important asset you have to manage is your property? It isn’t…it’s people. Without properly utilized human assets, your physical assets won’t perform to their maximum financial and physical capacities.

·         Discover the most valuable leadership skills you can master in order to understand and effectively use the five sources of your authority, accomplish the goals of your organization while maintaining high employee morale, engage your team to accept and share responsibility for increased productivity, and earn respect from team members by enhancing your leadership style.

·         Learn how to develop yourself as a leader in order to enable and motivate team members, and ultimately exceed the goals of your organization.


Tools for Collaborative and Interactive Workplace Solutions

Room 607

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Ryan Doerfler, Senior Workplace Strategist, Work+Place Program Management Office, GSA Public Buildings Service, Seattle, WA

·         GSA Devised The Workplace Solutions Library, The Sustainable Facilities Tool and Sound Matters in Concert with nationally known workplace strategy, energy and acoustic experts to address the most pressing design problems that real estate professionals confront.

·       Discover how "The Workplace Solutions Library" provides a framework for designing workplaces that fully support various work profiles.

·    Hear how "Sound Matters" addresses the closer proximity of workers struggling with often conflicting feature, both for greater choice of collaborative settings, as well as smaller private space for a new workplace that uses real estate more intensely and sustainably

·    Experience GSA's "Sustainable Facilities Tool" in action and witness how it serves as "How do we frame sustainability information so that anyone can make wise sustainable facilities choices?"


Technology and Real Estate: The Next Frontier of Industry Transformation

Room 608

[Track: Operation: Innovation]

Gordon Feller, Director of Urban Innovation, Cisco, San Jose, CA

Joe O’Connor, Senior Executive Director, Cisco, New York, NY

Jesse Sycuro, Operations Manager - Smart Building Solutions, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

Kristin Neil Ryan, Director, Seattle Office, Jonathan Rose Companies, Seattle, WA 

Robert B. Peña, Associate Professor, Integrated Design Lab, College of Built Environments, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

·         While technology continues to change, evolve and improve, today’s building environments are largely obsolete, and have not evolved to support these changing lifestyles.

·         Discover steps to transform the physical spaces of the future through technology innovation and

revenue generating services, while streamlining the development process, optimizing performance, and reducing the environmental footprint.

·         Hear how the next generation of real estate and building services will turn workplaces and home spaces into environments that are personalized, functional and profitable.


Understanding LEED Payback: Examining the Bottom Line Value of LEED Certification

Room 609

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Marianne Lawson, Property Manager, Hines, Houston, TX

Adam Rose, General Property Manager,Hines, Houston, TX

·         Explore the dollar savings seen over the past 4 years in 13 buildings LEED certified in 2009, in areas such as utilities, contracts, and maintenance, including estimates and projections vs. actual cost/savings.

·         Discuss tenant retention, building occupancy, and rental rates when compared with the market during that time period.

·         Get a clear picture of the value of LEED supported by actual data over a significant period of time.


Keys to Success in Asset Management: An Investor and Service Provider Perspective

Room 603

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Sandy Monaghan, CCIM, Managing Director, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., New York, NY

·        Get the unique perspective, from both the investor and service provider, of the key elements of successful asset management.

·        Gain insight regarding asset management best practices that help deal with the challenges that surface throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

·        Understand the varied strategic objectives of an asset and hear best practices to improve asset management performance and grow business.


Learning Labs and Lightning Rounds at Innovation Alley


11:00–11:30 am


The 2012 EER: A Guided Tour

Innovation Alley Room 1 (Tradeshow Floor)

Tracy Glink, CCIM, Manager of Research, BOMA International

Phil Mobley, Vice President, Kingsley Associates

  • Get a guided tour of the 2012 Experience Exchange Report and be among the first to learn how to use some of its new search tools and features, including "multi-selects" of markets sot hat you can build custom markets, regions, or states to enhance your analysis.
  • Learn how to use key search criteria such as building size, type, age, and class to create "apples to apples" comparisons to your subject building.
  • Find out how EER can help you not only build a solid budget but also identify opportunities to improve your asset's performance relative to yoru peers in your markets.


Demand Flow - Holistic Chiller Plant Optimization

Innovation Alley Room 3 (Tradeshow Floor)

Nick Rosenberry, Business Manager, Siemens Industry, Orange County, CA

  • Today's buildings demand energy efficiency and optimal performance. Siemens introduces Demand Flow: a unique optimization application for central chiller plants.
  • Demand Flow consistently reduces central chiller plant energy consumption by 20 percent to 50 percent and has been proven in over 80 applications to date.
  • Through a series of case studies, Siemens highlights the wide range of facilities that can benefit from Demand Flow.


11:00 am–Noon

Get Involved! Information on Becoming a Volunteer Leader of BOMA International

Innovation Alley Room 2 (Tradeshow Floor)

Judy Anderson, RPA, General Manager, Cushman & Wakefield, Denver, CO

  • Get a guided tour of the 2012 Experience Exchange Report and be among the first to learn how to use some of its new search tools and features, including "multi-selects" of markets sot hat you can build custom markets, regions, or states to enhance your analysis.
  • Learn how to use key search criteria such as building size, type, age, and class to create "apples to apples" comparisons to your subject building.
  • Find out how EER can help you not only build a solid budget but also identify opportunities to improve your asset's performance relative to yoru peers in your markets.


11:30 am–Noon

Integrated Design Strategies to Improve Building Performance and Increase Value

Innovation Alley Room 3 (Tradeshow Floor)

Jack Avery, Director of Integrated Project Delivery, Sellen Construction Company, Seattle, WA

Todd Stine, Principal, ZGF Architects LLP, Seattle, WA

Rick Thomas, Project Manager, General Services Administration, Auburn, WA

  • Discover how integrated design not only shapes architecture but enables energy efficiency, fosters the delivery of an optimized solution and guarantees building performance.
  • Hear about the integrated design approach for the Federal Center South Redevelopment, the US Army Corps of Engineers' new recovery-funded Seattle District headquarters (complete fall 2012)
  • Presenters will outline the design team's contractual obligation to guarantee energy performance for one year folloowing occupation and share strategies for meeting energy mandates, innovative systems that optimize performance and integration of measurement and verification systems to track energy use.


11:30 am–Noon

Lightning Round A: Taking Care of Your Tenants

Innovation Alley Room 4 (Tradeshow Floor)

  • Are You Ignoring the Obvious? Top 10 Reasons to Hire Military...Discover how hiring out nation's heroes can reduce training time and turnover, boost employee retention and add thousands of dedicated, trained individuals to your talent pool.

     Jerold A. Ramos Sr., CABR, CRM, Manager, Talent Acquisition, AlliedBarton Security Services, Liberty, MO

  • Building an Effective Recycling Program, Top 10 Lessons from Pop Culture...The Kardashians, Madonna and (yes) Justin Bieber know what it takes to be successful in today's fast-paced world. Learn how to apply the secrets of success from today's pop culture icons to your building's recycling program.

     Clinton Clark, Director of Segmentation Operations, Sales and Marketing, Waste Management, Inc., Houston,TX

  • Top 10 Dirtiest Places in Your Office...Ninety-eight percent of employees will miss work this year due to preventable minor illnesses costing employers an average of $1,695 per employee. Learn how to help your tenants reduce absenteeism by breaking the chain of germ transmission.

     Daniel DeCriscio, North America Target Market Leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional*, Roswell, GA


2:00–3:15 pm


Effective Communication Skills for Leaders

Room 620

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Kirk Anderson, Principal Managing Member, ActionPointe, LLC, Redmond, WA

·         The tools of leadership reside in how we move our bodies, speak and listen to ourselves and others—how we communicate. Learn how to become more effective in using the tools of leadership you have available.

·         Learn powerful insights and useful tools for improving your ability to influence others and lead effectively through enhanced communication.

·         Hear how to distinguish what we really listen to and how to capture and hold the attention of your audience.


Evaluating Leasing Transactions Like An Asset Manager

Session qualifies for 1.25 Oregon Real Estate (OREA) continuing education hours!

Room 608

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Jim Clemo, Senior Vice President-Asset Management, Wells Real Estate Funds, Norcross, GA

Scott Brown, Senior Vice President—Asset Management, Wells Real Estate Funds

·         Try a sample of BOMA’s new Asset Management curriculum! Learn the key elements of a leasing transaction process, from researching and setting market rents to assuring lender approval.

·         Discover how asset managers evaluate various terms and concessions to determine their impact on the asset and portfolio’s value, and how they manage the overall transactions pipeline.

·         Find out how deals that look “dead” can be resuscitated and what role property managers can play to help assure that their assets are differentiated to potential tenants and brokers.


Motivation and Management: Rethinking the Workplace and Work Culture

Room 609

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal and Partner,  Idea Architects, Indianapolis, IN

·         Discover some contemporary concepts about motivation and management that can help us rethink the workplace and the workplace culture.

·         Gain insights and findings from Daniel Pink’s work on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in his book, Drive; Gallup’s strengths-based movement and their 12 core elements for employee engagement; and ROWE, the results-only work environment.

·         Take home a simple set of easy-to-implement tactics that can help align your workplace with these contemporary trends, as well as a few practical tips on how you can impact the larger organizational culture, even if you are not in charge.


Convening Competitors, Breaking Barriers: A New Path to High Performance and Profitability

Session qualifies for 1.25 Oregon Real Estate (OREA) continuing education hours!

Room 611

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Kathleen Dorsey, Senior Geothermal Specialist, Client Development, Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Brian Geller, Executive Director, Seattle 2030 District, Seattle, WA

Brett Phillips, Director of Sustainability, Unico Properties, Seattle, WA

David Walsh, Consultant & 2030 District Board of Directors, Sellen Sustainability, Seattle, WA

Catherine Stanford, Principal, CA Stanford Consulting, Seattle, WA

·         Learn what a 2030 District is, the importance of private-sector leadership, and why/how they are being replicated across the U.S.

·         Understand the value of high performance at a district-scale, and how 2030 District participation helps move from a prescriptive to a performance-based future.

·         Understand how to use the tools developed by the 2030 District, which are most effective and the importance of actionable reality at the owner and tenant level.


Redefining Return on Investment

Session qualifies for 1.25 Oregon Real Estate (OREA) continuing education hours!

Room 615

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Eric Baxter, Director - Existing Buildings Services Group, Brightworks Sustainability Advisors, Portland, OR

Dyann Hamilton, Alliance Director, OHSU Center for Health and Healing, CB Richard Ellis Global Corporate Services, Portland, OR

Brian Newman, Director, Campus Planning and Development, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, OR

·         Learn how green operations strategies and third party certification can support business strategy beyond direct operational cost savings.

·         Discover which of your existing operational practices would put you on the path to third party verification for your building.

·         Learn how five years of running a high performance green building have helped the property management team identify and implement additional opportunities for sustainable operations.


Maximizing ROI through Sustainability Initiatives

Room 603

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Corey Rodriguez, National Segment Manager, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Denver, CO

Ray Peabody, Account Director, Definition 6, New York, NY

Brad Nemeth, Director of Sustainability, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Frisco, TX

Evan Tyroler, Vice President, Cassidy Turley, Washington, DC

·         Gain effective insights for implementing conservation solutions in commercial real estate, commercial cleaning products and elevator technology for a more productive, profitable and healthy future for property managers, owners and tenants.

·         Hear how panelists successfully incorporated green initiatives and sustainability to improve building

valuation, reduce operating costs and increase ROI.

·         Discover successful sustainability initiatives that bring long term value and increased ROI for all building stakeholders.


Improving Performance through Monitoring Based Commissioning

Room 613

[Track:  Engineering Better Bottom Lines]

H. Jay Enck, Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc., Duluth, GA

J.D. Hardy, Energy Engineer/MSU Energy Monitor – Facilities, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS

Tom Walker, Managing Principal, Thomas H. Walker Consultants, LLC, Starkville, MS

         The presentation will illustrate the results of monitoring based commissioning from ninety buildings among five different owners.

         Learn how the measure of a building’s economic, environmental and social impact, or “building performance,” is a function of how efficiently the facility is operated to minimize operating costs while meeting the specific needs of the occupants in the execution of their daily mission.

         Hear details from a University Energy Manager’s (MSU) experience with the monitoring based commissioning process, including key successes and lessons learned.


3:30–4:45 pm


Champagne Facilities on a Beer Budget

Room 611

[Track: Operation: Innovation]

Edwin Valbert, Manager, Energy, Washington State University, Olympia, WA

Phil Partington, Program Coordinator, Plant Operations Support Consortium, Washington State University, Extension Energy Program, Olympia, WA

·        Collaborative facility management can be leveraged by public agencies and non-profit organizations on limited budgets to maximize scarce resources.

·     Discover how public agencies, schools, colleges, utilities and municipalities are making great things happen in the Great Northwest and Canada.

·         Learn how a core staff can facilitate, orchestrate, broker and respond to myriad requests for assistance from a consortium of public facility managers.

·    Hear about how a key partnership with Washington State University validated the concept of collaborative facility management and saved its 125 members more than $65 million in the process!


The Four Conversations of Leadership

Room 620

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Kirk Anderson, Principal & Managing Member, ActionPointe, LLC, Redmond, WA

·         Effective leadership involves the balance of four key conversations: Managing- Advising -Leading -Coaching.

·         Learn how to distinguish the four conversations of leadership and discover the art and mastery of how to use each of these four conversations to enhance the performance of your team and organization.

·         Learn how to achieve results by engaging in conversations that go beyond the “leading” or “vision” conversation.


Mentoring the Next Generation

Room 607

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

David Hewett, Chairman, davidwhewett, inc., Hillsboro, OR

·         Discover how to be a great protégé and learn practical steps you and your organization can take to insure that you and your firm are not lost in tomorrow’s demographics.

·         Discuss business etiquette including proper office attire.

·         Learn practical tools for mentoring at all levels of the organization in regards to email, texting and social media, and discuss social media “do’s and don’ts.”


How Fortune 500 Tenancies Make Real Estate Decisions

Room 608

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

John Oliver, Managing Director, National Business Development, Wells Real Estate Funds, Atlanta, GA

Trex Morris, Global Real Estate Leader, Ernst & Young, Atlanta, GA

Stan Gibson, SVP, Real Estate Strategy, Corporate Properties Group, Wells Fargo, Des Moines, IA

·         How do Fortune 500 tenants with global real estate footprints evaluate their real estate decisions, including leave vs. own; how to optimize their portfolio; and how to staff their real estate departmetns?

·        Learn how Wells Fargo integrated 4 legacy corporate real estate groups and optimized their portfolio by creating global strategic plans and then city-by-city strategy plans, following their merger with Wachovia.

·        Discover how Ernst & Young leverages its real estate not only to achieve optimum space efficiency but also to attract top talent and foster it in a great work environment - all while being mindful of costs.


Balancing Security and Safety in the Commercial Property Environment

Room 615

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Dan Chancey, VP, Senior Asset Manager, Commercial Advisors, Memphis, TN

Lori Greene, AHC/CDC, CCPR, FDAI, Manager of Codes & Resources, Ingersoll Rand, Needham Heights, MA

Richard King, Regional Director, Colliers Arnold, Hollywood, FL

Jim Peck, FMA, RPA, Project Manager, JP and Associates, Albuquerque, NM

         Hear about trends in the security and safety space since 9/11.

         Learn about relevant and/or recently changed codes and standards impacting commercial real estate property managers.

         Get implementable best practices and ideas that support tenant retention, liability reduction and BOMA 360 certification.


Harness the Forces of Innovation to Capture New Opportunities

Room 603

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Brett Clay, CEO, Change Leadership Group, LLC, Bellevue, WA

         Identify and utilize the forces that will drive change in your or your stakeholders’ organizations.

         Apply the five disciplines of the change leadership model to garner support and motivate action.

         Avoid the pitfalls of common innovation and change management myths, reducing barriers and turning resistors into supporters and implementers.


Portfolio Benchmarking and the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark: Trend, Fad, or New Paradigm?

Room 613

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Deborah Cloutier, Principal, JDM Associates, Falls Church, VA

Nicholas Stolatis, Director, Strategic Initiatives,TIAA-CREF Global Real Estate, New York, NY

Brenna Walraven, Managing Director National Property Management, USAA Real Estate Company, Irvine, CA

Nada Sutic, Director, Sustainability-Strategic Resources Group, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP, Toronto, ON

·         Understand the implications and considerations of climate change and its effect on investors through insurability of properties, and the cost of capital.

·         Learn the importance of portfolio benchmarking, global trends, and initiatives.

·         Discover opportunities and implications of increased market transparency.


Improve Hot and Cold Call Tenant Satisfaction

Room 609

[Track:  Engineering Better Bottom Lines]

Raymond Congdon, Director, Engineering, CBRE, Houston, TX

         Hot and Cold Calls top most lists of building occupant complaints. Discover the #1 troubleshooting success tip frequently overlooked by building staff when addressing temperature calls.

         Learn how mechanical systems operate and interact to provide a comfortable space, so you can ask the right questions of your engineer and troubleshoot quickly.

         Discover the three questions that should be asked to simplify the diagnosis and resolution of most hot and cold calls. If you want to impact temperature calls in your building, you won’t want to miss this session!


J.O.L.T. Sessions

Room 614

Need a quick shot of good ideas and inspiration? Try our brand new J.O.L.T. session - Just Opportunities to Learn & Think - all in five minute doses. You won't believe how much you can learn in such a short time! 

Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal and Partner, Idea Architect, Indianapolis, IN

Phil Mobley, Vice President, Kingsley Associates, Atlanta, GA

Janice L. Parham, Executive Vice President, BOMA Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Patrick D. Clark, RPA, CCIM, Director of Federal Energy, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

David Vranizan, Director of Propert Services/Data Center Leasing, The Benaroya Company, Bellevue, WA

Toward a More Sustainable You

What Are Tenants Thinking? Industry Trends Straight from the People Who Use the Space

E-Mail Etiquette for Dummies

How Leaders Communicate Effectively

Data Centers in Office Buildings


9:00–10:15 am


Full Disclosure: The Debate on Mandatory Energy Benchmarking and Building Labeling

Room 619

[Track: Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Sylvester Giustino, Director of Legislative Affairs, BOMA/Greater New York, New York, NY

Louis Mantia, Senior Managing Director, Corporate Occupier & Investor Services, Cushman & Wakefield, New York, NY

Rebecca Baker, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment, Seattle, WA

Moderator:  Karen Penafiel, Vice President, Advocacy, BOMA International, Washington, DC

·    Learn how property professionals in New York City complied with the new mandatory building labeling requirements.

·        Hear from the City of Seattle how they implemented a mandatory energy benchmarking and disclosure program.

·        Participate in the debate of voluntary vs. mandatory benchmarking and labeling.



Communication Strategies for More Effective Relationships

Room 615

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Nancy Gille, Principal, REAL Systems, San Francisco, CA

Tom Gille, Principal, REAL Systems and Chief Operating Officer, CAC Real Estate Management Company, San Francisco, CA

·         Positive and productive relationships don’t happen by accident; they require effective communication.

·         Learn how to communicate effectively by treating people the way that they want to be treated…and not the way that you do.

·         Discover how to quickly and accurately “read” the verbal, vocal and visual signals of others and then adjust your actions to accommodate their behavioral styles to build rapport, better communication, and more effective relationships.


Share it Forward: Leadership Best Practices for Hiring Military

Room 607

[Track:  High Performance Leadership]

Jerold Ramos, Manager, Talent Acquisition, AlliedBarton Security Services, Liberty, MO

Dave Ward, Director, Warriors to Work, Wounded Warrior Project, Jacksonville, FL

·         Find value in working with veterans’ organizations to recruit quality leaders for their organization.

·         See examples of how top companies are utilizing military veterans to expand their workforce.

·         Learn to actively recruit military service members to improve your workforce and differentiate your business.


Beyond LEED—Institutionalizing Sustainability to Achieve Portfolio-Wide Performance

Room 608

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Barbra Batshalom, Executive Director, Sustainable Performance Institute, Boston, MA

Natalie Bodenhammer, LEED AP O+M, Green Building Consultant, The CADMUS Group, Inc., Orange County, CA

·         Understand valuable metrics used to conduct an organizational assessment and gap analysis to identify areas inhibiting performance and profitability.

·         Learn the key performance indicators, framework and roadmap to truly institutionalize sustainability in systems, processes and methodologies, and thru which to evaluate teams you hire.

·         Learn strategies to overcome barriers, create buy-in and build capacity to achieve high levels of

performance at all levels of your organization and across your portfolio.


Keeping Customers in the Fold: Top-Notch Strategies for Tenant Retention

Room 609

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Shelby Christensen, Senior Vice President, Director of Property Management, Liberty Property Trust, Malvern, PA

Thomas Kruggel, Senior Vice President, Operations, Hines, San Francisco, CA

Marla Maloney, Executive Managing Director, Principal, Cassidy Turley, St. Louis, MO

Phil Mobley, Vice President, Kingsley Associates, Atlanta, GA

         Understand how to measure and benchmark customer service performance.

         Learn the factors that most strongly influence tenant retention.

         Hear first-hand accounts of tenant loyalty program best practices.


Finding Your Road to Operational Excellence:  A Partnering Approach to Integrated Business and Facility Assessments - CANCELLED

Room 611

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Jay Kautzman, Director of Facilities Operations, The Hill Group, Franklin Park, IL

Teri Lewand, Energy Solutions Manager, The Hill Group, Franklin Park, IL

Harold Hacker, Vice President, The Hill Group, Franklin Park, IL

         In this economy, building owners and managers feverishly look for ways to reduce asset ownership and operational expenses. How does one go about making the best case-specific and fully-integrated business decisions to do so?

         Discover how to make facility operations data applicable and useful on a case-by-case basis.

         Learn how to make the choice between competitive and generic benchmarking, how to establish client-specific benchmarks and baselines with metrics that improve performance, and how to validate the Facility Condition Index (FCI) for the owner.


Smart Buildings: Driving Efficient Building Operations and Higher Asset Value

Room 620

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Patty Anderson, Account Executive, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

·         Apply Smart Building design and implementation principles that leverage technology to improve facility performance.

·         Provide insight into how smart buildings can tie into and take advantage of Smart Grid initiatives.

·         Explore how Smart Building technology creates efficient building operations, high tenant satisfaction and drives lower O&M costs, raising asset value for the owner.


The 2012 Evolution of LEED for Existing Buildings:  Operations and Maintenance

Room 603

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Christopher Davis, Team Lead, Existing Buildings, Green Building Certification Institute, Washington, DC

Doug Gatlin, Director of National Accounts, U.S. Green Buildings Council, Washington, DC

Lauren Riggs, Manager, LEED Performance, U.S. Green Building Council, Washington, DC

Gary Thomas, Director, Sustainability Programs, CB Richard Ellis, Pleasanton, CA

·         Gain an understanding of the major changes being introduced to LEED EB: O&M in 2012, and how LEED re-certification will be an integral part of 2012.

·         Learn how GBCI will improve process and implement LEED reviews in alignment with 2012 changes.

·         Gain an understanding of how LEED EB: O&M 2012 will impact practitioners looking to green their buildings.


Keeping Score:  Solutions to Benchmarking Data Centers in Multi-Tenant Buildings Using ENERGY STAR®

Room 613

[Track:  Engineering Better Bottom Lines]

Barry Abramson, Senior VP Engineering, SCIenergy, Atlanta, GA

Marla Thalheimer, Sustainability Manager, Liberty Property Trust, Malvern, PA

Jenny Stephenson, Program Manager, U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR, Washington, DC

         Employ the latest ENERGY STAR updates on data center metering to better manage your assets, provide clarity in the benchmarking process, and improve communication.

         Define data center space and determine the acceptable measurement strategies for capturing IT energy to receive the most accurate ENERGY STAR score.

         Develop an understanding of the common barriers to successful data center metering, and learn of inspiring solutions told by practitioners that overcame these obstacles.


Reset Your Strategy: An Amazingly Simple Approach to Increasing ROI

Session qualifies for 1.25 Oregon Real Estate (OREA) continuing education hours!

Room 612

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Linda Hunter, Asset Manager/Owner, Barnabas Properties LLC, Milwaukee, WI

Sheldon Oppermann, Vice President, Compass Properties, LLC, Milwaukee, WI

·         The number one goal of a property manager is to increase the value of the assets they manage. With limited resources (time, people, and money) learn how to be focused and intentional with the resources you have.

·         This program will offer 10 simple questions to consider to help create a prioritization strategy that will directly impact asset value in a positive and meaningful way.

·         Leave with a plan that will generate the value oriented results you need, and a communications model to help get your team on board!




Learning Labs and Lightning Rounds at Innovation Alley


11:00–11:30 am


High Performance Buildings for Real World Solutions, Strategies and Implementations

Innovation Alley Room 1(Tradeshow Floor)

Bill Moebius, RPA, CPM, CCIM, Senior Vice President Energy and Sustainability, Stream Realty, Dallas, TX

Patrick Archambault, Strategic Account and Prgram Leader, Trane, LaCrosse, WI

  • This workshop will provide specific details on how high performance building strategies, aligned with BOMA 360 certification, can be systematically applied to provide tangible benefits to building owners, managers and tenants/occupants. 
  • Discover how Stream Realty has transformed the Chateau Plaza office building into a high performance building, how they achieved their BOMA 360 Certification, and hear about the related operational and financial benefits that have come from the transformation.
  • Learn about examples of real world applications, results and benefits, including testimonials from actual building owners who have applied high performance building solutions and strategies.

Using Advanced Communications Services to Attract and Keep Tenants

Innovation Alley Room 2 (Tradeshow Floor)

Dan Reisfeld, Owner, Solarmarine, Bainbridge Island, WA

Tom Sweeney, Senior Director, Comcast Business Services, Philadelphia, PA

  • Hear the results of a survey to 500 BOMA International members regarding advanced communication services to building occupants.
  • Discover the advantages property managers and owners achieve by providing tenants with access to advanced communication services and learn which technology and telecommunications options tenants currently demand in order to meet their growing data, voice and video needs.
  •  Find out the steps you can take to gain a competitive advantage and boost tenant acquisition and retention through the advanced communications services you could enable.
  • All attendees will receive a copy of The State of Communications Services in Commercial Real Estate report including 16 charts with results shown by region, building type and square footage.

11:00 am–Noon

Applying the New BOMA Standards to Boost Property Value

Innovation Alley Room 3 (Tradeshow Floor)

William Tracy, MBA, NCARB, Principal Metrologist, Building Area Measurement LLC, Denver, CO

  • Square footage is the currency of real estate and the six new BOMA Standards constitute the 'Generally Accepted Practices’ for measuring floor area in commercial buildings.
  • Understand the secrets of when and how to use the new BOMA Standards to your advantage for measuring: office buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, mixed-use buildings, the gross area of any building, and buildings in campus settings (multi-building sites).
  • Get an overview of each BOMA standard and learn the important concepts and terminology that will enable you to communicate effectively and maximize the income from your property.
  • This session will allow plenty of time for Q&A, so bring your questions!

11:30 am–Noon

Lightning Round B: Operating Efficiently and Sustainably

Innovation Alley Room 4 (Tradeshow Floor)

  • Here Comes the Sun: Top 10 Considerations for Installing a Sustainable Solar-Capable Roof System...Solar systems are effective and affordable! This session will shed light on the latest technology available to ensure that your roof system will outlast your capital investment in solar installations.

     Rich Justinn, Strategic Accounts Manager, GAF Materials Corporation, Comer, GA

  • The Big Green Monster: Top 10 Things to Know About Sustainable Pest Management...Your sustainability goals should extend to pest management, Learn how to establish and maintain an eco-minded pest management program that keeps pests out and monitors and controls without targeted treatments

     Patrick Copps, Technical Services Manager, Orkin Commercial Services, Anaheim, CA

  • Top 10 Secrets About Your Property's Landscape Plan...Get ready to green your grounds: the more you know, the more you grow! Uncover cost-effective, functional and sustainable options for transforming your property into a showplace that will make tenants and visitors say, "WOW."

     Richard Restuccia, Director of Water Management, ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, San Diego, CA


2:00–2:30 pm and Repeated 2:45–3:15 pm


New Ways of Driving Real Estate Value

Session qualifies for .50 Oregon Real Estate (OREA) continuing education hours!

Room 615

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Mark Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, Copaken Brooks, L.L.C., Kansas City, MO

·         Owners will gain a tool for identifying capital demands of an asset, analyzing its performance, better deploy capital resources, and strategize asset disposition.

·         Fee Management Companies will learn new ideas for growing the income stream through non-traditional methods that have generated millions of dollars in benefit, and learn how to better cultivate and develop new property managers.

·         Property Managers will learn to use all of these tools to drive value and grow their careers.


Green Leasing in the Federal Government:  Trends and Requirements

Room 607

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Steohen D. Monkewicz, LEED AP, Office of Strategic Planning, Senior Realty Specialist, GSA, Washington, DC

·         Obtain a clear understanding of green provisions required when GSA leases space from the private sector.

·         Gain an understanding of the federal government’s sustainability initiatives and targets related to leasing.

·         Develop a picture of some upcoming new requirements that will affect leases awarded in private sector leased space.


DOE Commercial Building Asset Rating: A Tool for Understanding Building Energy Use

Room 608

[Track:  Operation: Innovation]

Subid Wagley, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Building Technologies Program, Washington, DC

Nora Wang, Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA

         Learn about the Commercial Building Asset Rating program and tool.

         Understand how Asset Rating can disaggregate building information.

         Hear how to use the Asset Rating tool to improve building performance.


Embedding Sustainability into Vendor Agreements

Room 609

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Adam Fransen, Program Manager, Sustainability Programs, CBRE, Minneapolis, MN

·         Translate sustainable operating procedures into scope of work and contractual documents.

·         Use communication logs and tracking tools.

·         Set and enforce standards through established feedback loops.


Cracking the Code:  Creating Landlord/Tenant Cooperation for Sustainability

Room 611

[Track:  Creating and Sustaining High Performance Buildings]

Karen Penafiel, VP, Advocacy, BOMA International, Washington, DC

Roy Torbert, Analyst, Rocky Mountain Institute, Boulder, CO

·         Figure out how to structure and maintain effective sustainability initiatives and complementary relationships with tenants.

·         Get guidance for properly structuring cooperation in a lease.

·         Gather best practices through case studies and guide implementation.


8 Great Strategies for Engaging Tenants on Energy Efficiency

Room 620

[Track:  Engineering Better Bottom Lines]

Jenny Stephenson, Program Manager, U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR, Washington, DC

         Learn 8 successful strategies for getting tenants involved in energy reduction.

         Hear how successful tenant-tailored energy efficiency programs result in a multitude of benefits, including: more positive impressions, increased retention, and reduced energy consumption.

         Get guidance on implementing effective programs for tenants that establish meaningful connections that result in real energy savings through reduced plug loads.


A Day in the Life of an Asset Manager

Room 603

[Track: Maximizing Asset and Portfolio Performance]

Scott Brown, Senior Vice President-Asset Management, Wells Real Estate Funds, Norcross, GA

·         What does an asset manager do and how is that role different from a property manager’s role?

·         Go behind-the-scenes and get a first-hand look at how asset managers allocate resources across a portfolio and execute an investment strategy.

·         Learn how property managers can best interface with asset managers to assure achievement of the asset’s investment goals.




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